Winners 2017

Screenshot from the film Dalit.

Open Category Best Picture


DALIT (poison) is a Hiligaynon dialect that means “ To become free: The form of my Life” it is Sitong’s journey of finding out how he will use his healing abilities. He uses his five acquired skulls to heal his younger brother, to heal others, to seduce Iglesia, to obtain wealth, and to get praise. Some time in his journey he is not able to use his powers because he stopped performing his rituals and he was not able to heal his own wife. DALIT (poison) is not just a story about a man and his healing abilities; it also depicts how his abilities affect his own personal life.

Director: Belle Loyola

Cast: John Gilbert Arceo, Ira Kristelle Solidum, Louie Dormido

Screenshot from the film Singgit sang Nalisdan.

Intercollegiate Category Best Picture


A story of a young catechist who was accused as a member of the rebel group and was captured and tortured, by the members of the Philippine Constabulary in the times of Martial Law.

Director: Carlo Navarrete

Cast: Lorince Joy Gonzales, Carlo Navarrete

Other Awardees

Award winning film director and multimedia artist Peque Gallaga receives the Ang Kadungganan sang Tingadlum award during the first Sine Negrense Awarding ceremony at SM Cinema, Bacolod City.

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