We rely on dedicated volunteers to generously devote their time and commitment to the festival 

Call for Volunteers

With over 20 film screenings that will take place during the 7 days of Sine Negrense: Negros Island Film Festival, the smooth running of the Festival would be impossible without the help of volunteers.

Each year, the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers from Bacolod and other parts of Negros Island help make the Festival a success. We are calling all individuals who are interested to volunteer for the 2022 Sine Negrense: Negros Island Film Festival to contact us.

Deadline for application is 19th of November 2022.


- If you are a film enthusiast, you will get a chance to gain detailed knowledge about the cinematic art and to support the belief about importance of development and survival of the film industry with your work.

- If you like to meet veteran and emerging filmmakers, the Festival will open an opportunity for you to learn from them.

- If you take pleasure from interacting and communicating with people, our guests and audiences will offer you countless opportunities to enjoy.

Apply to volunteer for Sine Negrense: Negros Island Film Festival and lend your enthusiasm, motivation and thirst for knowledge to the success of its 5nd edition this year. Bring the sparkle of your youth to the Festival and let the Festival provide you with an important new experience and unforgettable memories.

Volunteers, please note:

If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to connect with our volunteer coordinators, please email them at sinenegrense@gmail.com

Please fill up the application form by clicking the button below.