Winners 2018

Screenshot from the film Jameson

Open Category Best Picture


In the 1940’s, Chinese national Yu Kim Cheong fled to the Philippines because of the hardships in communist China. This inspiring true story is set in downtown Bacolod City, Negros Occidental as Mr. Yu finds work as a clothier, and soon proud owner of a small corporation that provides retail clothing or ready-to-wear merchandise. As the city grows in time, Mr. Yu together with his children will see how change and the development of the community can affect the family business. 

Director: Kurt Soberano

Cast: Milton Dionzon, Coby Ea, Mary Jane Quilisadio, Matthew Vasquez, Nonilon Torpez

Screenshot from the film Kaon.

Intercollegiate Category Best Picture


A teenaged girl silently battling depression is also force to battle time when she accidentally hands poisoned bread to an innocent man she hasn’t met before, and doesn’t know how to find. After a piece of bread a piece of bread and a random act of generosity ends up killing a harmless cat that approaches the girl while she is alone with her tumultuous feelings, she realized has endangered a lovely man, who assures her she will be okay, by leaving him with same piece of bread. And yet, desperate search, when she witnesses the man’s demise, all she feels is a rush of giddy relief.

Director: Ryan Torrico

Cast: Regine Bedrio, Al Christian Boholt

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