Winners 2021

Screenshot from the film Tiempo Suerte.

Open Category Best Picture


9 year old Gingging, is upset when she wakes up one early morning realizing that her older brother has already left without waking her up and bringing her to work in a sugarcane plantation as promised. To calm her down, her mother promises to let her tag along when she goes to the field later that day.

Director: Jonathan Jurilla

Cast: Andriane Cedric Egnal, Jezzy Koch

Screenshot from the film Diin ka Ramon?

Intercollegiate Category Best Picture


Negrenses have faced tragedies and calamities, one after another, through their unwavering heart and spirit—an unyielding resiliency. Like the tall and firm tubo, they bowed their heads when the winds were too strong to bear yet lifted their chins up when the heat threatened their roots. Yet, their stalks, like all things, can only weather so much. Resiliency can only take the Negrenses so far. Rendered through a sorrowful love letter, this feature carries the plights of the Negrense people. An elegy to the hope that the pandemic has seemingly snuffed out yet a reverie to searching for that brilliant spark.

Director: Alessandra Sophia L. Diaz

Cast: David Reasol, Alliah Benedicto, Alice Molina

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