Mary Jane Quilisadio, Mary Jane Quilisadio and Mary Jane Quilisadio!

Veteran Negrense artist is lone Best Supporting Actress nominee in three Open Category film entries

November 30, 2022

Screenshots from the film Amo Guid na da Sila, Golden Bells and A Cookie Movie. (Composite Photo)

During the Sine Negrense 2022 awarding ceremony on November 26 at Seda Capitol Central in Bacolod, the presenters on stage read:  "Supporting Characters does not mean that you are a less important role than the main character. They can be key sources of revelation in the story, and can shine light on the main character’s hidden humanity, offering hope or a dramatic turnaround where none seems possible. For the Open Category, the nominees for Female Performer in a Supporting Role are..." The projected video shows the nominees - "Mary Jane Qulisadio, Amo guid na da Sila. (Crowd applauses) Mary Jane Quilisadio, A Cookie Movie. (Crowd applauses loudly) Mary Jane Quilisadio, Golden Bells! (The crowd went crazy).

Actual video taken during Sine Negrense Awards Night.

The only nominee is Mary Jane Quilisadio, who won Best Supporting Actress for the film Golden Bells. This is the second acting award received by Quilisadio from Sine Negrense. She won the Best Actress Award in 2018 for the film Sound Bytes. Quilisadio said she felt humbled and inspired to work better on her future projects. 

Mary Jane started acting at a young age when she played character role-playing with her brother. She developed it further when she joined theatrical plays in college like "12 Angry Women." In 1982, she joined the PETA Summer Workshop in Manila and the Actor's Workshop by Laurice Guillen in 1985. 

She is also a pioneering student of the Negros Summer Workshop in 1990, founded by Peque Gallaga. "Peque trained us far beyond what we had expected of ourselves. Not only has he honed us to improve our theater skills, but he has allowed us to become better people and learn how to work with others. I learned and was trained by the best." Quilisadio said. 

Her favorite role was "Mayang" in Handuraw sang Cauntao, a play they performed as part of their Being Workshop in 1990.  

Mary Jane Quilisadio delivers her speech after accepting the Best Supporting Actress Award for the film Golden Bells.

The toughest part of being an actress in the local scene, she said, is the need to have a regular job. Acting alone cannot put food on the table. 

Mary Jane is a teacher at the University of St. La Salle in the Intergrated School. She also teaches Children's Acting in Bacolod Workshops.

If there is one thing that she would suggest to young aspiring actors, it would be to enjoy the process, work with diverse people, and learn how to respect each other. 


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