In a harmonious celebration of local cinematic talent, the Negros Island Film Festival unveiled a new accolade at this year's Sine Negrense Awards – the Best in Original Music category. The pioneering laurel found its home with the Open Category Film winner, "Pandayunon," directed by Jo-ane Pitogo.

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The curtains have closed on the Sine Negrense: Negros Island Film Festival 2023, leaving behind an indelible mark on Negros Island’s cultural scene. The week-long celebration of storytelling through the lens reached its crescendo on November 25 at SM Cinema 2, where filmmakers, artists, and enthusiasts gathered to witness the culmination of creativity and talent.

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Here is the list of winners and nominees for the 2023 Sine Negrense Film Competition, showcasing the outstanding talents and creative achievements of Negrosanons in the dynamic world of cinema. 

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